repair a corrupt edb file

Exchange Database EDB File Repair Tool

A Suitable Program to Repair Corrupt EDB File & Save to PST

  • Using Exchange .EDB repair tool, one can repair EDB file with any level of corruption
  • This .EDB file repair tool repairs Exchange EDB file of any type - Pub & Priv EDB file
  • This EDB repair tool can fix Exchange checksum errors
  • Recover emails, contacts, tasks, calendars and appointments from EDB file
  • Support all Exchange Server editions, including Exchange Server 2013

Don't Waste your Time As you can Repair EDB File Speedily

A speedy deployment of an EDB PST converter tool will not only repair EDB file, but also it enables you to convert EDB data into PST files. You can even extract data for all of the exchange users from a B-tree structured EDB file, convert it into individual PST files, and distribute it to individuals who can in turn make use of their own PST file for e-mailing with Microsoft Outlook client on their machines in scenarios where you are anticipating prolonged exchange server downtime.

Common EDB Corruption Causes:

  • EDB file storage area gets overloaded when varied mailboxes of multiple user accounts tend to share a single file
  • Sudden electricity failure causes the server to close down suddenly those damages the EDB file
  • Mistaken deletion of some user's mailbox can also lead to the damage
  • Errors appearing during JET engine oriented transactions
  • Inconsistencies in data can also give rise to errors
  • Server attendant services might be configured improperly
  • LOG files deletion can cause storage inconsistency
  • The IT technician is unable to move an Exchange mailbox from one particular server to some other
  • Size of the transaction logs might have been exceeded beyond the allowed storage limit that might be affecting the work of EDB file to slow down
  • There can be possibility that while updating a Public folder centric EDB file size, the database properties might have been lost
  • While carrying out the process of data transportation, the technical executive was unable to replicate it back to the server

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Get Technical Information of the EDB File Repair Tool

Program Name:




Operating System:

MS Outlook:

System Requirements:

Exchange Server:

EDB Converter


299 US Dollar


Windows 8.1 and other all versions are supported by the tool

Microsoft Outlook shoud be installed and configured with POP3 account

Software needs 512 MB Ram (Recommended 1 GB) & minimum 20 MB of free disk space

MS Exchange Server 2013 and other all editions.

What is Exchange Database?

For the knowledge sake, the Exchange EDB file stores all the public and private folders of exchange users at one place. To learn the tricks of the trade, you don't need an out-of-the-box thinking, but only little maneuvering of your routine protocols.

Sitting idle is not the best way to deal with your exchange server downtime. This will definitely disrupt and even halt both the in-bound and out-bound e-mail communication of your organization. Being ahead of time holds the key to success in overcoming such frequent downtimes. Your business can do exceptionally well with prevent and prepare theory rather than working on repent and repair afterwards. As smarter wins the race in this competitive era, you must ensure possession of an EDB repair tool if you are smart and if your organization is running on an Exchange Server.

Steps to Know How to Repair Exchange EDB File

Browse and Repair EDB File
View and Repair EDB Folders
Obtain EDB Repair Status
Export Process EDB Repair Tool

Watch Live Video of EDB File Repair Tool

Testimonials of the EDB Repair Software

EDB file repair tool provided us way to resolve Exchange EDB file related issues smoothly, the provision to create separate PST for each EDB mailbox is what we like most about tool. Thanks a lot for such creation!

- Jayden, Maryland

We would like to appreciate the working of EDB repair tool that provide us opportunity of exporting data from 20 GB EDB file into Outlook PST file once at a time. Without hanging or observing any technical issues the tool works swiftly and we are highly obliged to developers for such creation.

- Ryan Smith, Indiana